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    Pediatric Dental Services We Offer at Just 4 kiDDS Dental

    Kids Dental Clinic Idaho FallsAs a leading kids dentist in Idaho Falls we offer many dental services to meet the needs of our young patients. We take our job very seriously and strive to ensure that every child leaves our kids dental office happy, and hopefully excited to come back.

    We have gone to great lengths to ensure your child is entertained and happy and have even installed a small theater and arcade for your kids enjoyment during their short wait before their visit.

    In addition to standard check-ups and filling cavities, here are some other kids dental services we offer:

    • Preventative Orthodontics – All children should receive orthodontic screening early on. Many problems are easier to correct on a younger child because the bones in the jaw are still growing and are more forgiving.  Starting treatment while a child is young can make things easier to correct later in life, or even remove the need for later treatment. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends evaluation by age seven.
    • Spacers – When a child loses a primary molar prematurely, that tooth is not there to save the space for the secondary tooth. For this reason, space maintainers can be fitted into place to hold the space open until the adult tooth emerges. Space maintainers can be used when one tooth is missing, as well as for multiple missing teeth.
    • Crowns – Whenever possible we aim to avoid extraction of teeth. In the event that a lot of matter has been removed making the tooth unstable with only a filling, a crown can be used to protect and strengthen it. While tooth colored crowns can usually be used on front teeth, stainless steel crowns are generally used on back primary teeth for added strength.
    • Sealants – An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as the saying goes. Sometimes brushing is just not enough to keep bacteria at bay due to the shape of some teeth. If this is the case we may recommend a sealant to help prevent cavities. These sealants do not last forever, however with proper brushing and dental hygiene they can last three to five years or even into adulthood.
    • Tooth Colored Fillings – A child’s smile is a beautiful thing, and fillings should not distract from that smile. We offer tooth colored fillings at Just 4 kiDDS that blend right in with your child’s tooth. After a cavity has been removed the area is cleaned and the tooth colored filling is place. This filling is shaped and polished. When we’re done, you won’t even know we were there.
    • Athletic Mouth Guards – If your child partakes in any activities where they could potentially encounter injury of the teeth or mouth through accidents. Mouth guards, when properly fitted, can go a long way to keep their teeth safe. Ask us about mouth guards personalized to your child’s mouth.

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    Just 4 kiDDS isn’t just another Idaho Falls dentist. The dental services we offer set us apart from the rest, and our commitment to family and community extends far beyond the walls of our office. We provide a number of community events throughout the year, and also provide school services, let it be visiting classrooms to teach dental hygiene, or inviting classes of students right into our office for a tour. We appreciate your business, and aim to give back to Idaho Falls. Dentists like us are known for the dental services we provide, but Just 4 kiDDS is known for being an asset to the community!