• Nitrous Oxide Kids Dentistry In Idaho Falls

    Posted on April 11, 2012 by in Pediatric Dentist Services

    Nitrous Oxide Dentist Idaho FallsThe use of nitrous oxide in kids dentistry is well documented all the way back to 1845.  It is better know as  laughing gas or sweet gas due to its euphoric effects as well as the smell and taste of the gas.  When Just 4 kiDDS dentistry in Idaho Falls determines that your child has mild to moderate anxiety problems from being at the dentist, we may choose to use nitrous oxide to offset that anxiety.

    A small mask that fits over the child’s nose is used to administer the gas.  Once the mask is in place the child will be instructed to breath through their nose and not through their mouth.  Kids Nitrous oxide dentistry works to increase euphoria and reduce anxiety without putting the child to sleep.  This means that the child will still be awake and be able to talk to the dentist.

    The nice thing about nitrous oxide dental services is that it wears off quickly once the gas is turned off.  It is hoped that after several visits the child will not experience anxiety when visiting the dentist and will no longer need to use the gas.