• Athletic Mouthguards For Kids – Idaho Falls Dentist

    Posted on April 10, 2012 by in Pediatric Dentist Services

    Athletic Mouthguards Idaho Falls DentistHave Just 4 kiDDS children’s dentistry in Idaho Falls custom fit a athletic mouth guard today.  The importance of your child’s smile and protecting it is very important. An athletic mouth guard will reduce the risk that your child’s teeth will be injured during team sports or activities where there is a chance of your child being hit in the face or mouth.  Here are some good reasons to have Just 4 kiDDS  custom fit a mouth guard for your child:

      • a  better fit than a store bought mouth guard
      • they are much more comfortable
      • they will make speaking easier for your child
      • they will come loose less often during activities

    These are just a few major benefits that your child will notice compared to other commercially available store bought mouth guards in Idaho Falls.  It would be our pleasure to fit  your child’s next sports mouth guard. Call Just 4 kiDDS Dentistry a local Idaho Falls pediatric dental  Office to book an appointment to fit your child’s next sports mouth guard.