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Pediatric Dentist in Idaho Falls IDFinding the right pediatric dentist in Idaho Falls for your children can be a challenge. Luckily, Just 4 kIDDS Dentistry is right around the corner if you live in the Idaho Falls area. You will not find another pediatric dentist around that is as kid oriented or as focused on the health and happiness of your children as we are.

Giving kids the best possible dental health experience is of utmost importance to us. Just 4 kIDDS dental realizes that visiting the dentist is not high on a child’s to-do list, and often evokes feelings of stress and anxiety. This is why the dental services we offer are designed to give your children the best dental care possible while focusing on the comfort of your kids at all times.

Some children are capable of attending their appointments without excessive anxiety. Unfortunately, many are not able to do so either due to their age or discomfort level. If this is the case, Just 4 kIDDS does not want children to be afraid to come to our office. Our staff makes it their priority to make a child as comfortable and relaxed as possible when at our office. During all of the dental services we offer, we aim to provide a calming environment and when beneficial, sedation can be used. This is why we are the most recommended sedation dentist in Idaho Falls.

Managing your Child’s Anxiety

Kids Sedation Dentists in Idaho Falls IDIt is our mission to ensure your child feels at home in our office. Just 4 kIDDS employees focus is on the well-being and happiness of your children. For children that have check-ups that show no cavities, there is even a No-Cavity club! With your permission, we will post a photo of your child on the No-Cavity club page of our website to cheer them on for a job well done.

Our office offers pediatric sedation dentistry in Idaho Falls, with Dr. Higham being a member of the American Dental Association, American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, and the Academy for Sports Dentistry you can rest well knowing your child is in good hands at Just 4 kiDDS dentistry.

Laughing gas, officially known as nitrous oxide, is quite helpful in providing a calming effect for our patients. The gas is administered by way of a mask over the child’s nose. The child will still be awake while having nitrous oxide, and is capable of answering any questions the dentist has and capable of following instructions. The gas wears off as soon as the mask is removed, and is quite safe and gentle on children. This is the mildest of the sedation dental services we offer.

For children with a higher level of anxiety, oral sedation may be a better option. Our dentist will select which of the oral sedation medications would best meet the needs of the child based upon the type of procedure they are undertaking, the age of the child, and their anxiety level. We will instruct you ahead of time regarding a fasting period before oral sedation.  Oral sedation is a little stronger than nitrous oxide, but the child is still able to be stirred if needed. The child is not fully under, but will not have memory of the procedure. To ensure that your child is not having any problems associated with the medication we may ask you to spend a little time in our office after the procedure. Side effects of these medications are not common, but there are some risks of nausea and other side effects as is the case of all medications.

Childrens Sedation Dentist In Idaho Falls IDIn addition to nitrous oxide and oral sedation, we also provide general anesthesia when necessary. This is sometimes needed for children who are extremely anxious and unable to sit still, and can also be needed for more in depth dental procedures. Of all the sedation dental services we offer, this is the strongest form of sedation. It is the same anesthesia used in hospitals, and we will need your child to have a physical examination before it can be administered. We will give you fasting instructions before the procedure as with oral sedation.

The Many Dental Services We Offer

As expert pediatric dentists in Idaho Falls, there are many dental services we offer to provide your children with the best possible procedures. We offer standard dental check-ups, cleanings, and fillings. Some of the other dental services we offer include:

Spacers can be important to ensure there is room for secondary teeth when primary teeth are lost before they were intended to come out. The job of the primary tooth is to hold the place for the adult tooth that is below the gums. Spacers are used to keep this space available and can be used regardless of one or multiple teeth being lost prematurely.

Idaho Smiles Care Credit Dentist Idaho Falls IDIt is recommended that all children are screened for orthodontic needs by the age of seven, by the American Association of Orthodontics. When problems are identified there are times when preventative work can be done to lessen or remove the need for work when the child is older. Some procedures even more successful when the child’s jaw has not finished growing.

When a tooth has been weakened due to excessive dental work sometimes the only way to save it is with a crown. We use crowns on primary teeth as well as secondary teeth. When crowns are used on baby teeth, we can generally use tooth colored crowns for front teeth to help preserve your child’s beautiful smile. For the sake of stability however, stainless steel crowns are needed for most molars.

At Just 4 Kids we know how striking a child’s smile is. It’s for this reason that we provide tooth colored fillings to allow the kids who visit our office to maintain that smile as it was intended to be. After cavities have been removed the tooth colored fillings are applied into the clean open space and is polished and shaped to look like it is not even there. This is just one of the dental services we offer that has parents thrilled to be a part of the Just 4 kiDDS family.

No child likes having a cavity filled, so if it as all possible to prevent the cavity in the first place wouldn’t that be better? Sealants offer added protection from cavities in the event that brushing just isn’t doing enough. Sometimes the natural groves in teeth do not allow brushing to remove everything it needs to. Sealants are applied over these groves to fill them in and to keep bacteria from reaching these areas. With proper care, sealants can last three to five years. It is not unheard of for sealants applied to children still being in place when the child has reached adulthood.

Another wonderful way to avoid dental problems is the use of athletic mouth guards. This is another of the dental services we offer to help prevent dental issues. Mouth guards should be used in any contact sport, but are most beneficial when properly fit to the child’s mouth. If your child participates in sports, ask us about our athletic mouth guards.

We aim for the dental services we offer to meet the needs of your children and your family. These services do not stop in our office; we also offer local services throughout Idaho Falls. We aren’t just an Idaho Falls dentist; we are also a member of your community. We educate children in classroom settings about dental hygiene and invite them right into our office for school tours as well as sponsor community events throughout the year. Your children are important to us, even when they are not receiving dental services, and we do everything we can do to improve our local area.

We love Dr. Higham
This is a great dental office, load of fun stuff for the kids and they even take idaho smiles which is great. We will be coming back to just 4 kidds for as long as we can.
Rachel, Ammon Idaho

Fantastic Kids Dentist!
We brought our 3 children in last week and i cannot say enough great things about this dental office! They really spoil your kids and even have a little arcade and theater area for the kids to enjoy. It was nice having a moment to myself while the kids played and did a great job of taking their mind off of the fact that they were at the dentist as well.
Dianne Smith, Idaho Falls