Emergency Dental Services

It is our goal at Just 4 kiDDS to be able to handle all dental emergencies your child may encounter. We aim to ensure that every child that comes to our office has the strongest and healthiest teeth possible. At Just 4 kiDDS, we are aware that it is petrifying for kids and their guardians when dental emergencies occur. Our office, offers a number of services for dental emergencies to accommodate any dentistry related problem that may occur with your child. Dr. Jordan Higham of Just 4 kiDDS Dentistry is a pediatric dentist that is devoted to making sure your children have the best dental experience possible.

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Idaho Falls has never had a dentistry service that is so child-centered, and your family will find our practice to be like a breath of fresh air by comparison to other offices. We are equipped to handle many dental emergencies such as broken braces or wires, broken teeth, cold and canker sores, cut lips and cheeks, knocked out teeth, and tooth aches. Kids Emergency Dentist Idaho Falls IDEven though our office is capable of handling these dental emergencies, prevention is the best thing whenever possible. Not all dental emergencies can be avoided; however taking the necessary steps to evade the ones you can is always the best option. Taking the time to ensure your home is as safety minded as possible will help young children and babies avoid falls that can hurt their teeth. Using well fitted mouth guards when children take part in sports is also essential; ask Just 4 kiDDS, your favorite Idaho Falls Pediatric Dentist, about our mouth guards!

Daily brushing and flossing can greatly cut down on cavities, gingivitis, and other dental problems. Encouraging your children to brush their teeth twice a day will create stronger, healthier teeth. Sometimes brushing does not remove all bacteria due to the shape of some teeth not allowing tooth brushes to get to where they need to be. Just 4 kiDDS provides sealants for children whose teeth may not be fully cleaned by brushing. If your child has great brushing habits but is still getting cavities, discuss sealants at your next appointment.

When dental emergencies occur, there is often little time for deciding the proper course of action. This is why Just 4 kiDDS encourages parents to understand ahead of time what to do in various dental emergencies. We are happy to teach parents what needs to be done if your children encounter these dental emergencies. Time is essential, in many cases, for handling these situations.

How to Handle Dental Emergencies

There are many dental emergencies you may counter with your children. Each requires its own special treatment. If you are a parent, or are responsible for the care of young children, be sure you know what to do for each of the following dental emergencies.

  • Chipped or Broken teeth
  • Tooth Aches
  • Knocked out Teeth
  • Excessive Bleeding Following the Loss of a Primary Tooth
  • Cut lips or Teeth
  • Cold or Canker Sores

Childrens Emergency Dentist Idaho Falls IDChipped or broken teeth can be both alarming and painful for a child. It is important to contact Just 4 kiDDS right away if this happens. Chipped or broken teeth can often be saved if the situation is dealt with promptly. Locate the piece of tooth if at all possible and bring it with the child to our office. Swish warm water in the child’s mouth, and apply cold compresses in the event of swelling. Timing is essential with dental emergencies of these types, so don’t delay in contacting Just 4 kiDDS.

Children can get tooth aches for a number of reasons. Frequently it can be something as simple as food particles being stuck between the teeth causing discomfort. Check for any noticeable caught pieces and floss the child’s teeth. If it does not appear as if anything is stuck between the teeth, call us for an appointment. Sometimes tooth aches are accompanied by swelling and if this is the case apply ice to reduce this swelling. Until you come to your appointment, acetaminophen can be given for discomfort, but this is not a long term solution so be sure to call us as soon as your child reports a tooth ache.

Pediatric Dentist Idaho Falls IDSecondary teeth being knocked out require immediate dental care. Locate the tooth and if at all possible set it back in place in the socket. Have the child hold the tooth in place by gently putting pressure on the tooth by biting on gauze or a clean piece of cloth. Before doing so, do not try to excessively wash the tooth. Rinse the tooth under water, but do not use soap or touch the nerves. Handle to tooth only by the crown, and if it cannot be inserted back into place, bring the tooth with the child in cold milk. If you are not at home when the tooth is knocked out you may not have access to milk. In this case, providing the child is old enough to not chew on or swallow the tooth, place the tooth between the child’s teeth and gums until they arrive.

If a baby tooth is knocked out this is generally not a dental emergency. Call our office during regular business hours and apply gauze to control bleeding. At a later time it may be necessary to install a spacer to leave room until the secondary tooth is ready to grow in.

Idaho Falls Emergency Dentist For KidsLosing a primary tooth naturally is rarely a cause for concern. If bleeding occurs have the child bite on gauze for fifteen minutes, which should stop the bleeding. If it continues, do this once again. In the rare event that the bleeding does not stop still, call Just 4 kiDDS.

Injuries of the lip or teeth the cause bleeding can be a scary thing. Apply pressure using a clean piece of cloth or using gauze. Ice can help to reduce or prevent swelling. If the cut is big enough to require stitching, or the bleeding hasn’t stopped after fifteen minutes, it is important to go to an emergency care center such as your closest emergency room.

While some children get canker and cold sores that children get are unremarkable, occasionally sores can be the start of disease. Treat canker and cold sores with over the counter remedies. If the sores do not improve, or seem to be getting worse, call us. We can help you decide upon the next course of action.

When children get braces, it is important for them to understand how to take care of them, and foods to avoid, while the braces are on. Braces occasionally break, generally due to chewing something too hard or crunchy. If your child’s brace or brace wires break, remove the piece if it is possible to do so. Use wax, gauze, or even chewing gum to cover any sharp pieces. Generally broken braces are not serious dental emergencies, however if it causing the child pain or discomfort be sure to contact the child’s orthodontist immediately.

Why is Just 4 KIDDS the Right Choice for Your Family?

Kids Pediatric Dentist Idaho Falls IDCurrent patients have already experienced the difference between Just 4 kiDDS and other Idaho Falls Pediatric Dentists. Are you trying to find an Idaho Falls dentist? Call our office and schedule an appointment. Just 4 kiDDS provides children with quality care let it be routine services or dental emergencies. Our staff understands that kids are often nervous when they have to see a dentist. It is for this reason that we try to accommodate dental emergencies right in the office that they are already comfortable in. Just 4 kiDDS’ employees are kind and considerate, and go out of the way to ensure children have the best dental experiences possible.


We love Dr. Higham
This is a great dental office, load of fun stuff for the kids and they even take idaho smiles which is great. We will be coming back to just 4 kidds for as long as we can.
Rachel, Ammon Idaho

Fantastic Kids Dentist!
We brought our 3 children in last week and i cannot say enough great things about this dental office! They really spoil your kids and even have a little arcade and theater area for the kids to enjoy. It was nice having a moment to myself while the kids played and did a great job of taking their mind off of the fact that they were at the dentist as well.
Dianne Smith, Idaho Falls